Price List

TEST! The ethos of our new company is that we do all of the reading of the backs of packets so you don’t have to!  You can buy with confidence knowing that nothing in the list below contains dairy, gluten or sugar.  The dried fruits are non-sulphured. All ingredients/products below are Organic and so free from pesticides and chemicals, unless specified otherwise.  The Household and Body products are Paraben and SLS free.

We are offering to make the selections of the best quality organic, freefrom goods for you and still match the prices of Ocado or Amazon – so, you can’t by Organic, freefrom goods cheaper!  And of course, we are cheaper than Holland and Barrett, by a significant amount in most cases.  Yet you get all the advice of an expert who has specially selected the best quality products at the lowest prices for his own eating regime and is sharing this with this community. By buying from our local shop you save on delivery charges and, if you place an order and pay in advance, you will receive a 5% discount!

  • Buy from the Thursday stall in Princes Risborough market.
  • Buy from Winterfold, The Butts, Church Street, Princes Risborough by arrangement by emailing me at to agree a convenient date and time. (After the first time you can have my mobile number but I don’t want to display it on this site to avoid spam calls).
  • Or place an order at the same email address and I will box it up and have it ready for collection from either the Thursday stall or from Winterfold.

Please do ask if you would like to buy something not listed below.  We can order this in for you – orders placed by Friday 10.00a.m. will be available from Tuesday by arrangement.

Quantities of 1000g indicates price per 1kg.  However, the product is bought in bulk so you can specify any quantity you would like.

We also make Dairy, Gluten and Sugar Free breads and bread products (pizza bases, wraps etc), cakes, sweets, granolas and mueslis and savoury products.  These are available on the stall on Thursday and can also be ordered by Sunday for collection on Tuesday (see the bottom of the list).


  Brand Quantity (g) Sales Price A selection of Holland and Barrett Prices so you see the difference!     Brand Quantity (g) Sales Price A selection of Holland and Barrett Prices so you see the difference!
Baking Flakes and Flours
Cocoa Powder (Fairtrade) SUMA 250 £4.40 £8.32 Millet Flakes Big Oz 500 £3.50
Cacao Powder RAW 200 £5.00 Brown Rice Flakes Infinity 1000 £6.50
Apple Puree Clearspring 200 £1.30 Quinoa Flakes SUMA 500 £6.90
Ground Almonds Goodness 1000 £19.00 Brown Rice Flour Doves 1000 £5.70 £7.40
Flaked Almonds (Non-organic) Goodness 1000 £10.00
Coconut milk KoKo 1000 £1.40 £1.89 Buckwheat Flour Goodness 1000 £4.30
Almond milk Rude Health 1000 £2.00 Chickpea Flour Goodness 500 £2.40 No Organic
Dessicated Coconut Goodness 1000 £7.00 Psyllium Husk SUMA 200 £4.80
Shredded Coconut Goodness 1000 £7.20 Tapioca Flour Goodness 500 £2.50
Baking Powder Doves Farm 130 £1.60 Coconut Flour Biona 500 £4.00
Bicarbonate of Soda Doves farm 200  £1.60 Plain White Flour (gluten free non-organic) Doves 1000 £1.80
Corn Four (Gluten Free) Doves Farm  110  £1.60 Plain White Self-raising Flour (gluten free non-organic) Doves 1000 £1.80
Quick Dry Yeast (Gluten Free) Doves Farm 125 £1.10 White Bread Flour (gluten free non-organic) Doves  1000 £1.80
Dried Fruit
Raisins Goodness 1000 £4.70
Sultanas Infinity 1000 £4.30
Mango slices (Non-organic) SUMA 1000 £18.00  £25.90
Dates (Medjool aka ELLA) SUMA 1000 £22.20
Dates (Pitted)  SUMA  1000  £7.00
Unsulphured Apricots Goodness 1000 £15.00
Pitted Prunes Goodness 1000 £12.70



Oils Superfoods
Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil SUMA 650 £12.00 Spirulina Rainforest Foods 200 £8.30  £11.99
Coconut Oil (Culinary, Odourless) SUMA 650 £6.00 £5.60 Wheatgrass Naturya 200 £8.00
Olive Oil RAW Health 500 £7.00 £7.96 Chlorella Naturya 200 £12.80
Hemp Oil Granovita 250 £7.00 Acai Berry Powder Rainforest Foods 125 £17.00
Maca Powder Rainforest Foods 300 £17.00
Goji Berries (Non-organic) Goodness 500 £4.00
Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother) RAW Health  500 £2.40 None with mother!
Large Germinator Biosnacky £15.00



Seeds Additives
Pumpkin seeds Goodness 1000 £9.00 MISO paste Yutaka 300 £4.50
Sunflower seeds Goodness 1000 £4.00 £5.60 MISO Paste (sachets) Clearspring 60 £2.35 Not available
Golden Linseed Infinity 1000 £4.00 £7.96 Tamari Soy Sauce Goodness 150 £2.90 £3.19
Hemp seed Goodness 1000 £18.30 Chili Powder SUMA 25 £1.25
Chia Seeds(non-organic) Goodness 1000 £8.00 £30.00 Vanilla Essence Nielsen Massey 128 £7.70
Pinenuts Goodness 1000 £35.00 Almond Essence Steenbergs 100 £6.50 Not available
Sesame Aconbury 1000 £7.40 Custard Powder Just Wholefoods 100 £1.50
Broccoli Aconbury 250 £15.30 Passato Fina SUMA 690 £1.30
Radish Aconbury 250 £7.30 Sundried Tomatoes SUMA 1000 £12.85
Almonds Goodness 1000 £16.00 £24.00 Balsamic Vinegar SUMA 250 £4.00 Not available
Walnuts Goodness 1000 £14.00 Balsamic Glaze SUMA 150 £3.50
Pecans Goodness 1000 £17.00 £23.40 Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Profusion 300 £3.50
Brazil Nuts (organic but broken) Infinity 1000 £14.40 Mixed Herbs SUMA 20 £2.00
Cashew nuts pieces Goodness 1000 £14.00 Arrowroot (Non-organic) SUMA 50 £0.90
Hazelnuts Infinity 1000 £26.20 Cinnamon SUMA 30 £2.00
Basics Sprouting mix Just Wholefoods 250 £1.90 Nutritional Yeast Flakes Engevita 125 £3.60
Organic mixed pulses (for sprouting) Aconbury 500 £3.90 Lemon Juice Sunita 250 £2.30
Totato Puree SUMA 200 £1.10



Pulses and Grains Tins
Jumbo Oats Goodness 1000 £2.00 £2.59 Coconut milk Biona 400 £2.10
Red Quinoa SUMA 500 £5.00 Baked Beans – no sugar Wholeearth 420 £1.00
White quinoa Goodness 250 £2.25 Chopped Tomatoes SUMA 400 £0.85 Not available
Chickpeas Goodness 1000 £6.40 Not Available Chickpeas SUMA 400 £0.90
Aduki Beans Goodness 500 £3.20 Red Kidney Beans Mr. Organic 400 £0.85
Long grain brown rice SUMA 1000 £3.00 £4.58 Aduki Beans BIONA 400 £1.10
Brown Rice (Basmati) SUMA 1000 £6.50 Black Beans SUMA 400 £0.90
Red Lentils Goodness 1000 £2.90 £4.90
Rice Noodles Goodness 250 £2.00
Pumpkin, Ginger and Rice Noodles Goodness 250 £2.00
Rice Cakes multigrain Clearspring 100 £1.10 £2.25



House Cleaning Products Treats
Washing up liquid – grapefruit and green tea Ecover 1000 £2.20 Not available Cocoa Brownie Bar Trek 55 £1.00
Bicarbonate of soda (For cleaning – Non-organic) Goodness 1000 £2.40 Cocoa Chaos Trek 55 £1.00 £1.39
Shower Gel Faith in Nature 400 £5.50 Peanut power Trek 55 £1.00 £1.39
Handsoap – aloe vera and tea tree Faith in Nature 300 £4.20 Cacao nibs SUMA 1000 £8.00 £29.97
Toothpaste – whitening Aloe Dent 100 £3.70 £3.99



Butters and Spreads
Almond Butter (Non-organic) Meridian 1000 £14.00 £14.00
Raw Light Tahini Carley’s 250 £3.25
Cashew Nut Butter Carley’s 170 £4.00
Organic Almond Butter Carley’s 425 £9.20


All of the below are made with organic ingredients which are naturally free from gluten (although not all certified gluten free).  All are dairy free – we use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – and all are free of refined sugar (we use only coconut products, vanilla essence, dried fruit and date puree (dates and water) to sweeten).  The prices of the loaves reflects the fact that the recipes currently use organic ground almonds.  They have a beautiful taste and, being dense, are very filling.

We are taking much inspiration from the books by Ella Woodward and Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley.  Their recipes are often delicious but only use the finest of ingredients and so the cost of the raw ingredients is high.  We will endeavour to make such tastes and eating regimes more accessible to a broader public by delivering premium quality at more affordable prices.


Made Goods
Orange and Almond Cake Slice £2.70 Superseeded Loaf  per loaf  700g  £5.50
Courgette, Coconut and Lime Cake Slice £2.75 Sweet Potato, Raisin and Pecan Loaf  per loaf  £8
Mango and Coconut Cake Slice £3.00 Flax and Caraway seed Loaf  per loaf  £8
Rhubarb, Almond, Ginger and Vanilla Cake Slice £3.50 Garlic and Mixed Herb Focaccia  per slice  £1.20
Black Bean Chocolate Brownies Slice £3.00 Sundried Tomato Focaccia per slice £1.50
Granola Bar Slice £3.00 Cinnamon pancakes per 4 £2.80
Banana and Raisin, Rice Protein Flapjack Slice £2.50 Buckwheat Burritos per 4 £2.50
Banana and Raisin, Rice Protein, Cocoa Nib Flapjack Slice £2.75 Sundried Tomato Hummous per 200g £2.20
Banana and Raisin, Rice Protein and Coconut Flapjack Slice £2.75 Walnut and Cashew Nut Vegetable Nut Loaf per 350g slice £4.00
Granola (33% oats, 35% nuts/seeds, 25% dried fruit) per 100g £1.50 Three Bean and Chickpea Chilli per 100g £1.20
Nutty Granola (40% oats, 48% nuts/seeds, 6% Coconut, 6% Coconut oil) per 100g £1.75 Rhubarb, Strawberry and Orange Compote per 100g £1.20
Muesli (Quinoa, Millet and Amaranth grains with nuts, seeds and dried fruit) per 100g £1.80 Homemade Organic, Gluten Free, Almond and Vanilla Crumble mix (serves 4) per 150g £6
Cocoa and Chia seed energy bites per 100g £6
Mango, Coconut, Goji berry and Cashew nut bites per 100g £6


Over the coming weeks we will be rapidly expanding our selection.  This coming week includes the introduction of some savoury options.   We are open to suggestions of tastes and recipes which you would like made gluten, dairy and sugar free.  Our head chef, previously a pastry chef at Le Manoir aux Quatr’Saisons in Oxfordshire and with experience of attempting to satisfy the many eating restrictions of the Jordanian Royal Family, will be able to think through how to make delicious copies with freefrom ingredients.