For Employers

Looking after your staff can boost morale and maximise attendance.

McCallum’s would like to work with you as your in-house advisor. I have seen first hand at in my early career how ‘looking after’ staff can boost hours worked and maintain a great, differentiated culture.

Helping your staff to look after themselves through targeted, drip-fed information can help them to make small habit improvement in their lives.

Providing beverages and snacks can keep your staff morale up.

We will deliver Organic:

– Fruit
– Coffee & Black, Green, Herbal Teas
– Non sweetened drinks including Kombucha and Kefir (for gut health)
– Nut, Seed and dried fruit mixes
– Sugarfree snacks (healthy bars, crisp like snacks)
– Low/No sulphite Wine & Gluten Free Beer (for after work, on site socials)