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Our Organic Freefrom meat & meat products

We stock Organically reared, organic grass fed, antibiotic free, meat.  The meat is locally slaughtered and is from slow growing breeds to ensure the best possible taste.  No pesticides or chemicals are present in anything on the farms.  Crop and livestock rotation is used as well as natural remedies rather than antibiotics.

Their provenance

Our produce comes from two farms:  Peelham (Berwickshire) and Rhug Estate (Wales).  Rhug supplies more than 20 michelin starred restaurants including ‘Le Manoir’ in Oxfordshire. Peelham is also a gluten, additive, preservative, flavour enhancer, colorant, GMO free environment and produces wonderful SAUSAGES, BACON, BURGERS, Charcuterie and ready meals meats using organic seasonings and herbs.  Peelham make the only organic and preservative free charcuterie in the UK.  Peelham won UK Pig Producer of the year 2014.  Both farms are members of the Soil Association.


Discount for ordering in advance

Whilst McCallum’s keenly price the fantastic products of both farms, we will offer a 5% discount on orders of meat products over £50 and 10% on those over £100.  The prices below are the prices including a 10% discount.

Order by Sunday 10p.m. and Wednesday 10p.m. Collection at your convenience anytime after Tuesday and Friday 12 Noon respectively.

Beef, Salt Marsh Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Game from Rhug

Rhug prices 1Rhug prices 2

We also sell 1kg mixed bone bags for making bone broth.  These retail at about £4.50 per bag.

Organic Meat products from Peelham

Gluten & Preservative Free Burgers, Sausages and Bacon

Additive-free, preservative-free, flavour enhancer-free, colourant-free, GMO-free and DELICIOUS organic SAUSAGE, BACON OR BURGERs made using Organic seasonings and Herbs to Peelham’s own recipes. Peelham do not buy-in pre-mixes. All of their products are GMO and antibiotic free.  Only when necessary for disease control and welfare reasons do they administer antibiotics to their animals as part of our animal health plan with their vet.

SausagesBurgersMarinated Meats
Pork: Plain Gluten-Free Lamb: Kofta (with fresh lemon zest)Lamb: Marinated Leg Steaks with Mint & Fermented Soy
Pork: Italienne (with fennel, aniseed, caraway, pink & green pepper corns)Lamb: Lamb with mintPork: Marinated Leg steaks with Lemon & Carraway
Pork: Toulouse (with star anise, cloves, cinnamon & garlic)Pork: Pork & chiveMeatloaf: Pork with chives
Pork: Cooking ChorizoBeef: Beef with GarlicMild Curried Lamb
Pork: Salsiccia with Pimento & fresh Orange ZestBeef: PlainMild Curried Beef
Pork: Salsiccia with Pimento & PepperBeef: Beef Chilli (smoked pimento & chilli)
Pork: Berwickshire (Pork with sage and nutmeg)
Lamb: Merguez (Lamb with cumin & parika)
Lamb: Mint, Rosemary & Garlic
Lamb: Lamb with garlic
Beef: Beef with a hint of Thyme
Beef: Beef Boerewors (Coriander, cloves & apple cider vinegar)

Charcuterie – the UK’s only Gluten & Preservative Free Charchuterie

Peelham’s delicious slow, dry-cured ham and bacon are made from their free-range organic rare-breed and rare-breed cross (Tamworth) pigs.  They dry-cure by-hand, using a traditional cure including sea-salt and the lowest possible Sodium nitrite content (80 ppm as opposed to 250ppm used by mass producers of ham for supermarkets) and approved by the Soil Association.

Peelham do not:

  • inject their hams or immerse them in brine.
  • use cure-accelerators, colorants or colour-fixers.
  • Sodium nitrite is an important constituent in a curing salt as it prevents the occurrence of Botulism.  After curing is completed laboratory tests that they have had conducted demonstrate that the Sodium nitrite residue is 7ppm or less (comparable to a stick of celery or a whole beetroot!).
HamsChorizo & Salamis
Pork: Prosciutto Pork: Chorizo with Turmeric
Pork: Oak Smoked PancettaPork: Salami with Fennel
Pork: LonzaPork: Salami with Red Wine
Pork: Ham off the boneBeef: Salami with Roasted Coriander
Mutton: Juniper Mutton


Organic Meat for Christmas

Organic Meat for Christmas

Rhug Organic Free Range Dee Valley Bronze Turkey (Great Taste Award Winning 2015)

The Rhug Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey is acclaimed as one of the best tasting turkeys in the UK, having recently been awarded a 1* Great Taste Award and voted “best buy” turkey by The Independent 2015. The self-basting, rich and tender meat tastes so good that even Michelin-starred restaurants including The Connaught, London feature Rhug turkeys on their festive menus.

We rear a bronze bird as they are particularly suited to organic farming, as they are a naturally slow growing breed which thrive well outside. Our organic free range turkeys are reared naturally outdoors on rich fertile organic pasture, and treated like royalty in their longer-than-usual life.

Whole bird – £15.50 per kilo, Crown – £16.50 per kilo

 Available weights:

Weight (Kg) Weight (Lb) Feeds (people)
4 – 5 SOLD OUT 9 – 11 6 – 8
5 – 6 11 – 13 8 – 10
6 – 7 13 – 15.5 10 – 13
7 – 8 SOLD OUT 15.5 – 17.5 13 – 15
8 – 9 17.5 – 20 15 – 18
9+ 20+ 18+


Rhug will try their very best to supply you with a bird within 0.5kg either side of the requested weight.


Delivery schedule:

Thanksgiving 24th November 2016 – Available for delivery for Thanksgiving on Wednesday 23rd November, as long as orders are placed by Tuesday 15th November at 12:00 midday.

Christmas 2016 – Turkeys will be available for nationwide delivery from Wednesday 14th December 2016.   Orders will be delivered via courier, on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd December.


Rhug Organic Free Range Dee Valley Goose (Great Taste Award Winning 2014)

Our 2* Great Taste Award winning Rhug organic free range geese are reared in small numbers, and are very exclusive and sought after by our customers.  They live a life of pure luxury, free to roam and graze on our nutritious and lush organic pastures.  Our luxury Geese are hand reared on home grown organic oats which helps develop the rich, dark meat that they are renowned for.

Compared to our organic turkeys, geese yield less meat per similar weight bird so please bear this in mind when ordering.  Our geese will finish out between 4 – 6 Kg and we would expect that a 5kg goose would feed between 6 and 8 adults.

We will try our very best to supply you with a bird within 0.5kg either side of the requested weight.

£18.50 per kg, 5kg bird would be £92.50