Organic Vegetables & Fruit

Probably the largest selection in Buckinghamshire

Organic Vegetables & Fruit

We currently get delivery of probably the widest selection of Organic Vegetables and Fruit in Buckinghamshire.  This includes Organic Turmeric Root, Ginger, Local and Exotic Vegetables and Fruit.  We also sell sprouted seeds.

Snacking FruitJuicing FruitSaladGreen Veg.Colourful Veg
ApplesLemonsMixed Bag Salad, Cos LettuceWatercressBunched and Cooked Beetroot
Oranges (Arth)Limes (Arth)AvocadoRainbow ChardRainbow Carrots
ClementinesPomegranatesCherry Tomatoes (Arth)Savoy CabbageYellow Peppers
KiwiJuicing CarrotsVine Tomatoes (Arth)Red CabbageRed Peppers (Arth)
Grapefruit (red) (Arth)Juicing ApplesCeleryCavalo NeroGreen Peppers (Arth)
PearsCucumberKaleMushrooms (Portobello)
BlueberriesRoot VegKohlrabiCourgetteRed onions
StrawberriesSweet PotatoSprouted mixed seeds, alfalfa and broccoli sproutsSpinachWhite Onions
RaspberriesCeleriacSpring OnionsBroccoliFennel
Bananas ( High Sugar)New PotatoesRadishesCauliflowerAubergines (Arth)
PineappleButternut SquashRoot Turmeric


If you order by Wednesday Lunch time via email ( or by sending a text to 0780858550, you receive 10% off of your order. Your order is not fixed, merely an approximation of what you want and you can change the contents of your box on collection (unlike distance box schemes).


Price Guarantee

I match Riverford prices if bought on the day, but ordered in advance my prices are 10% less.  This equates to 20% less than Abel & Cole and no delivery charge!


Benefits in summary:

  • Carry out to car service
  • At least Online Prices matched
  • Complete flexibility (which ensures you use what you buy and facilitates proper meal planning)
  • Your complete control over quality
  • Plastic wrapping minimised – good for reducing oestrogen’s and good for the environment!
  • Support for a local business bringing Organic Fruit & Veg to the high street EVERY DAY of the WEEK.

Special prices on pre-orders of large quantities of a certain item.  e.g. 1/2 a box of lemons, 5 kgs of juicing apples