tasty food

to nourish your body and mind

Our philosophy and cooking practice proves that eating well doesn’t mean compromising on taste.

All of our food is gluten free, dairy free, free from unnatural and unnecessary sweetness and made without vegetable oil and unfermented soy.

You might not notice, but your body will thank you, and if you have an intolerance to gluten or dairy it may take you some time to choose from the menu for a change.

Our chefs are classically trained and becoming more and more experienced in freefrom cooking.  They’re keen to share the secrets of what they have learned through their menus and classes.  Our chefs deliver a taste sensation and our nutritionalist helps deliver this while maximising nutritional value.

For those who want to inform themselves, our menus will contain notes to explain why we include some different ingredients in our dishes.  For those that don’t, we bet you will find our food delicious.

Why Gluten free?

Why Sugar Free

Why Dairy Free?