How to train & what to consume to meet your objectives

Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching

Take advantage of face-to-face Nutrition coaching in Princes Risborough or Skype based coaching to help with the effort and knowledge required to achieve health, mood and body transformation

Nutrition coaching enables long term body transformation whether weightless or muscle gain.  It also alleviates or fixes long standing health issues when the connection is made between nutrition and mood, shape and physical function.  I offer Nutrition coaching to change lifelong habits from my shop McCallum’s Lifestyle Transformation supermarket and from my home in Princes Risborough.

Qualified with Precision Nutrition of Canada ( level 1 and level 2 (expert level).  I have had 10 years of personal powerlifting and body transformation coaching.  I have been naturally 5% body fat, had a 250% bodyweight deadlift and cycled over the Alps.

What can health, mood and body transformation do for you?

• lose your sweet tooth or lose weight
• reduce joint pain
• have more energy
• determine whether you have an intolerance
• learn how to cope with a newly diagnosed intolerance
• have a recurring issue such as bloating or migraine and want to stop it naturally
• maximize your chance of keeping good health
• optimise your muscle gain

I have helped family, friends and clients transform how they look, reduce joint pain and learn how to train. I can coach you to gradually adopt new habits to reduce your lifetime risk of illness, improve your mood and give you more energy, lead a healthier lifestyle.

Speak to Alex in the shop or ring me on 07808 585550.

Pure nutrionalist or fitness coach or body transformation coach?

There are fitness coaches who can direct you on how to use the gym equipment and can write you a programme of exercises but know little about nutrition.  There are nutritionalists who know how to alleviate symptoms of Candida but know little about training or how to motivate someone on how to improve their diet.  There are regimes such as Slimming World which can motivate but do not teach palette changing behaviours.

I have many years of experience in training, a good understanding of practical nutrition and access to the well researched documents of the Precision Nutrition experts.  I also have learned how to coach – how to create lasting change through tackling the root causes of suboptimal behaviours.  I enjoy people achieving lasting change in their lives and realising that age does not mean frailty or incapability.  I look forward to helping you feel the best you ever have!

Activities you will undertake during nutrition coaching in Princes Risborough to bring about body transformation:

– Energy intake and expenditure analysis
– Macro & Micro nutrient analysis
– How, what and when to eat
– Why, what with and when to supplement
– Lifestyle and Social analysis
– Behavioural and trigger analysis
– Physiological wellness analysis and testing
– Kitchen Makeover
– Food preparation and cooking skills
– Build and maintain motivation

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